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  1. Kurt Ruhlman says:

    Hi there. I first heard about the forthcoming Doug Lunn Project cd through Mike @ Audiophile Imports. Do you have a specific release date for this album?? Also….what info do you have on it? Like who plays on it, etc…


  2. Michael Rivera says:

    I’m losing sleep watching your videos. But loving every minute of it. I am an American aerospace engineer. I have been for 29 years. I recently met a girl from the Philippines who feels blessed to have met me. But I can guarantee, I am much more blessed to have met her. And simply because she is representative of real life in the world. When I first visited her in her village, I was shocked at the poverty. I cried on the flight back home. I was 48 years hold, hiding in the lavatory, and crying like a baby. This was how a lot of people lived in the world. I had no idea. It was as if I’d been asleep my whole life and I finally woke up. Suddenly by job, my life in America seemed so trivial, so pointless in it’s pursuit of wealth and the “American Dream”. What mattered, what really mattered, was human connection, and not just with the neighbors in your block, in your city, in your country, but across the globe. That little tiny taste of the human condition changed be forever. Now I can’t get enough. I love seeing how the rest of the world lives. I love seeing the smiling faces on your videos. I now feel trapped in America. I wish I could leave it all and travel the world, as your crew has, and connect with all those people, my brothers and sisters whom I never really knew existed.

  3. Matthew P says:

    Hi. I think the MP3 download for the album “and love rages on” is busted or something. I click ‘add to cart’ and it just redirects to the paypal homepage.

  4. for lady Miriam Stocklay
    Dear lady, I am addressing you as a great singer and music connoisseurs.
    I have been involved in composing and I have the perfect song for you. The song is protected under the name “South Africa” and it can be a big hit in the whole of Africa, USA, UK and so on.
    If you are interested in a demo, I can let the mail, if you give me a signal. Song is perfect Best regards

  5. Cam says:

    Hi. Is any of the sheet music of your music available for purchase or download?



  6. Ro says:

    Could you provide the lyrics for the song Hokulea. I am particularly drawn to the woman singing at the end of the song. Is there meaning behind her chants? This song calls me home. I love it. Thank you for making such profound music. It hits the soul.

    • Arcturian Gate says:

      Hello Ro,
      Just saw this, apologies for the late reply…
      We are happy to know that you are inspired by this piece… Thank you for listening!
      AO Music

      Hokulea lyrics:

      As we begin to walk on the edge of time I can feel our homeland
      The earth from here is a blue-eyed fandango of eight billion penta-wheel hearts on a string

      Oh the edge of now is a field of hearts so deep and ready to fall off the rye
      Help me remember why there is only Love
      Hokulea take me home

      Like a bowl of crazy, celestial, magic dust, we are all right here
      Wheel of change, I live to imagine Love
      Hokulea take me home

      The word “Hokulea” is Polynesian, translated “Star of Gladness”, and was the ancient Polynesian navigator’s word for the brightest star in the sky “Arcturas”

      The chants toward the end of the song are vocalese (phonetics without meaning), sung by Miriam Stockley

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