What is AO

AO [èi-o]   n. ancient polynesian word;  1. pure light;   2. all colors;  3. alpha-omega

AO MUSIC is an extraordinary pan-cultural musical experience, composed, produced and performed by international recording artists Richard Gannaway, Miriam Stockley and Jay Oliver. We are entirely non-profit through our 501C3 AO Foundation International, which attends to children in need around the globe, many of whom we invite to sing on our album projects.

AO MUSIC is vibrant, cinematic and intoxicatingly rhythmic—described by critics as “astonishing” (see reviews). The immediate freshness of this sound is vitalizing—a true universal expression. Key ingredients in AO MUSIC’s unique sound are deep rhythmic textures, powerful vocal ensembles from children throughout the world and the dynamic multi-layered vocal tracks of Miriam Stockley. Refrain lyrics are often a variety of ancient languages or carefully crafted phonetics, chosen for their shape. The impression is fresh and exotic from any place on the earth. AO MUSIC was invited to compose theme music for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Give Kids the World, and are featured in the 2011 promotional trailer for Project Peace On Earth.

The Four Tenets of AO

Youth – the unguarded human presence and easiest example of beauty, empathy and naturally occurring brotherhood

The present cycle of change and its simple need for lightheartedness and tolerance

The singularity of Music, Color, Shape and Movement

The understanding that any natural system, unobstructed, is UNITY, is MUSIC, is LOVE


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