Richard Gannaway (vocals, stringed instruments)

Richard is the founder and vision behind AO MUSIC. You can read excerpts from his books, which explain in detail the insights for what inspires AO MUSIC. Richard travels the world, expanding the vision of AO MUSIC and its extraordinary cast of children, who are the centerpiece of each album.He also founded AO Foundation International, which sees to the needs of orphaned children throughout the world.

Jay Oliver (keyboards, synths, samples)

Most of the recorded textures (winds, bowed instruments, drums, cymbals, shakers, sticks, bells, rattles, etc.) and layers of world indigeny that define AO MUSIC’s extraordinary rhythmic feel are performed by Jay. He is a co-composer and helped to develop the original sound of AO MUSIC. Jay is one of the most legendary keyboardists in the world today. He and colleague, William Lenihan have created a very interesting project SmartWav.

Miriam Stockley (vocals)

Miriam is a powerful vocal ensemble and also contributes as co-composer. She is renowned for her work on the acclaimed Adiemus project ‘Songs of Sanctuary’. Miriam’s South African upbringing is what she attributes to the incredible youthful spirit of her tracks. Rod Houison (Miriam’s husband, co-producer and engineer) is a well established sound engineer from the UK. He records and co-produces all Miriam’s vocal tracks.


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