Regular Contributing Artists

Andy Georges (stringed instruments)

Andy has been recording with Richard and Jay for many years. He and Richard were the founding members of the rock project Tiger and the Helix that toured Europe and Eastern Canada in the early nineties. Andy does a lot of film score and session work in southern CA and produces his own rock project ‘The Beggarwoods


George Bernardo (drums and percussion)

George met Richard in the Tampa Bay area, and became part of an acoustic offshoot of the Tiger and the Helix project before moving to southern CA at the beginning of the ‘Twirl’ sessions. He is extremely active in the southern CA live music scene, and tours internationally in the Peter Buffett project ‘Spirit Dance’. George is one of the busiest musicians we know.


Doug Lunn (bass)

Doug is one of Southern California’s most seasoned bass players, and his reputation as a consummate artist is well established. He is the music director for Peter Buffett’s ‘Spirit Dance‘ project, and is currently working on his own solo album that features several legendary artists on the U.S. west coast. Doug is a great asset to all the projects he is involved in.


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