Preview Our Last Album “Hokulea”

1. Kuimba
2. Hokulea
3. Sisi Ni Moja
4. Ha Le
5. Edge Walkers
6. Irie Gra
7. Yaka Matai
8. Itu Lagu
9. O Re Piya

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All Proceeds go to Children in Need around the Globe!


5 Responses to Preview Our Last Album “Hokulea”

  1. colin eyres says:

    Hi,have tried to buy your latest CD using paypal.but am unable to.can you confirm the CD’s are ready for immediate dispatch,or when will they be ready to ship for the UK.
    cant wait to get my hands on the new album as I love all
    the others.

  2. Taian says:

    Beautiful and unique album! Loved it 🙂

  3. horst says:

    Hokuela is great! It (still) runs at least twice week in my home.
    But – it is around for a while already; anything new coming?

  4. Sykotography says:

    This is what making music is all about!
    Transporting the listener to a place of peace, of hope and inviting one on a journey to discover inspiration and believe that our world really can be a beautiful place. Thank you for lifting my spirits!

  5. Syko 1812 says:

    This is what making music is all about!
    It takes the listener to a different place, a plane apart from their normal daily life into a world where hope and trust exist. A place where ‘third world’ countries have a future.
    Everyone involved in this project can live the rest of their lives in the comforting knowledge that they have touched many with their message.
    kind regards
    Syko 1812

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